The Nerd Degree

Six nerds. Two teams. No Wikipedia

Shows recorded live at Little Andromeda


Thursday 13 October 2016

Join the nerds as they become tomb raiders (of the lost ark) in an unsanctioned delve into all things archaeological. Can they escape deadly traps, treacherous guides, and pesky official government regulations about who actually owns the valuable antiquities of a sovereign nation to emerge with the fabled Golden Ankh of Comedic Respectability? Is it even possible to recover an ancient treasure without gunning down more people than Liam Neeson? And what’s this tiger been eating down here this whole time, anyway? Finally, all of the fedora action you crave with none of the latterly-associated rubbish MRA stuff. Featuring: Ben Allan, Karen Healey, Andrew Kepple, Erin Harrington, and Jeff Clark