The Nerd Degree

Six nerds. Two teams. No Wikipedia

Shows recorded live at Little Andromeda

S04E02: Fights!

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Take off your glasses and roll up your sleeves as the nerds are faced with any nerd’s worst nightmare: fights. From gunfights to bunfights and barroom brawls to Dragon uppercuts (Hadouken!), it’s gonna be a bareknuckled-knockdown-drag-out-no-holds-barred slapfest, and the only rule is no eye gouging (this goes for you too, audience). No quarter will be given until we prove that contrary to what you may have heard, violence in fact solves everything. So angry up your blood and hit a piece of celery with a mallet in a recording studio; this is gonna get bloody. Hosted by Ben Allan and Brendon Bennetts Featuring: Jeff Clark and Aaron Jelley vs Ray Shipley and Emma Cusdin