The Nerd Degree

Six nerds. Two teams. No Wikipedia

Shows recorded live at Little Andromeda

S04E05: The Young and the Wrestlers

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Can you smell what the Nerd Degree is cooking? Lace up your boots, ready your gimmicks, and grab your tag-team partner - it’s time for us to lay the smackdown. Join us ringside and find out: what’s the difference between a swanton bomb and a senton bomb? What do neon lightbulbs, folding chairs, and sledgehammers have in common? And just how backyard can backyard wrestling get? Only one team will walk away with the gold. Hosted by Jennifer O'Sullivan Featuring: Jeff Clark and Moata Tamaira vs Karen Healey and Brendon Bennetts Special Guests: AK Sweet and a Masked Nerd